What is acupuncture

Every person wishes to live his life in harmony and compatibility with himself and his environment However, diseases assail us and try to undermine our current and prospective happiness.

Whereas man his nature is prone to enjoy this life and since ancient time, He used to seek the knowledge of the best means foe resisting what causes him pain, and the riches of ancient medicine from India, China, Tibet, Mongolia and Korea bear for us today the richest and most abundant expertise and experiences in combating diseases by affecting the dynamic and vital points.

During the last ten years, an oriental treatment method known as "Acupuncture" successfully regained people’s at the local and international level, thus after showing excellent results and perfect harmony with modern medicine as well as doctor's and patient' testimonies.
What we may hear on lack of confidence in the effectiveness of this treatment results from the lack of knowledge in the limits within which this treatment is applied, inclusive.
Therefore, let us proceed to be acquainted with the basic principles of ancient oriental medicine and make a comparison between it and modern medical knowledge.

1-There are five natural phenomena: air, temperature, moisture, drought and cold and five primary elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.
The main drive is the wind. Therefore, all these natural elements and phenomena manifest themselves in this universe. According to ancient scientists, there is a close relationship between the cited five primary elements such as attraction harmony, motion and constant change.in case pf increase or reduction on any of these elements, an unnatural and pathological status may be yielded.

2-as per the concept of Yin and Yang all these things and phenomena available in the universe have two facing, opposing starting points(Ying and Yang)and it is conditioned between them the relationship which is the reason of the existence of the material universe.in accordance with this relationship, the healthy or pathological status of the body is constituted and pathological cases are diagnosed and treated based on the flaw in said relationship, thus balance in the body resides in the balance of yin yang.

3-the system and relationship of the body with the exchange of energy manifests itself among the external and internal organs. Such system has specific mods and lines, which provide the vital force and physical safety. Disease from oriental wisdom viewpoint is an imbalance in the energy and lines.
Therefore, the modes of treatment differ with the difference in the time, spatial and these modes are in a state of constant evolution in order to satisfy man's needs.

What can we treat with the help of a Su Jok Acupuncture

- Headache different origin, migraine vascular crisis

- Depression, neurotic status, sleeping disturbances (insomnia), emotional liability.

- Chronic fatigue syndrome, lack of energy

-Discogenic disturbances

-Loss of weight and overweight

- Immunological and endocrinology disorders

-Diseases of digestive system(stomach and intestines).

- Painful period mensis and symptoms of menopause

- Rehabilitation of patient after C.V.A , & MI and after major trauma.

-Diseases of skeleton-muscular system.

-Diseases of respiratory tract, allergic and neurogenic bronchial asthma.

-Treatment of the infertility in men and women.

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