One of these advanced methods is (HAND & FOOT) SU JOK

Acupuncture was founded by Korean professor Dr.Park jae Woo.

Acupuncture method for Hand and feet is bases on the diagnosis and treatments of disease in various modes as well as simulating specific points in the hand and feet.

This method has two directions:

First: Physical treatment trend with a stimulation task of these points in the hand and feet, hence sending specific signals to the diseased parts in the body and as such healing takes place.

Second: Metaphysical treatment trend based on the Bel lines.

The Bel lines are a miniature illustration of the regular lines in the hand and feet.

This treatment method is based on the classical theory of Acupuncture as well as new theories in them, among which is the theory of constitution of the ten constitutions of the ten heavenly roots, the theory of constitution of the six energies, and the theory of constitution of the ten emotions. From my practice of this medical profession for many years, I was always getting close of diagnosis for treatment and the importance of the prevention treatment (pathology), hence based on the fact that I am a general practitioner which increased my ability to diagnose diseases. Every patient has specific mode of healing.

it is worth mentioning that there are no impediments or complications resulting from the use of this type of therapy, and it is used successfully.

Acupuncture along with phyto-manual-color therapy constitutes the elements of oriental wisdom.

This treatment gave many people hope and healing. Let us rejoice in harmony and happiness and SU JOK Acupuncture shall help us in this regard.

What can we treat with the help of a Su Jok Acupuncture

- Headache different origin, migraine vascular crisis

- Depression, neurotic status, sleeping disturbances (insomnia), emotional liability.

- Chronic fatigue syndrome, lack of energy

-Discogenic disturbances

-Loss of weight and overweight

- Immunological and endocrinology disorders

-Diseases of digestive system(stomach and intestines).

- Painful period mensis and symptoms of menopause

- Rehabilitation of patient after C.V.A , & MI and after major trauma.

-Diseases of skeleton-muscular system.

-Diseases of respiratory tract, allergic and neurogenic bronchial asthma.

-Treatment of the infertility in men and women.

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